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Tumblr Tuesday: One week til Christmas

Posted on December 18, 2012 by

One week til Christmas! 

Hopefully you have gifts sorted out, stocking hung up, lights turned on, tree looking extra snazzy, ugly sweater hanging up, cookies waiting for Santa, fireplace lit, cookies baking and holiday music playing because we are one week away until the happiest day of the year — Christmas! [4uroras]

Well it’s 2012..

You’d think by now, children would be able to text Santa what they want for Christmas. As sad as it sounds, who wants to sit down and write with a pen and paper? It seems as though even my youngest cousins at 3-years-old already has an iPod touch! [miapam]

Rocking in the holidays with Bieber

Justin Bieber was on The Ellen Show Friday and not only did he perform an amazing acoustic performance, he spilled some news! This January, you can expect more music, with a brand new acoustic album! BRB I need a moment to take this in. [infinatemistake]

Traditional treats

It’s the most beautiful time of the year when you can stuff your face with tons of food and not feel sorry for yourself afterwards. Mostly everyone loves rice krispies so what better treat to choose from, while throwing in those notable Christmas colours. [im-y0un9]

Get active during your break

Instead of sitting by the fire and eating fondue, get active during your break. I mean cmon’ look how much fun Harry Styles in having in his ski gear. If you’re just starting out, I suggest you stick to cross-country skiing. No one wants to start the new year with broken bones. [lourehs]

Get away from the cold weather and travel

There’s always that one friend or one family member who ditches the cold (and you) to head down south and enjoy the warm weather! Not gunna lie, if I win the lottery any time soon, that’s going to be me. Minnie and Mickey, see you soon! [disneyfansonly]

Care for those lips of yours

Cold air is probably one of the worst feelings if you’re not prepared. You must pack your lips with lip balm because no one likes chapped lips.  [perfect1on]

Not everyone likes Santa

I honestly wish I could look back and laugh at some of my holiday photos but my mom never dressed me in anything too embarrassing and I was always pretty calm and smiled while I met that big guy in the suit. [latestfunnystuff]

Can he make it around the world on time?

Someone’s got to give this guy some credit. He travels around the WHOLE world in ONE night. Things might get stressful don’t you think? [tacocat-gifs]

Always that one holiday prankster

You go to the store to buy Christmas decorations and see the end result of some loser who rearranged the personalized stockings on display. Let’s just hope that no children spelled it out and asked what that meant. [humortrain]

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