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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Kitty Pryde, a female rapper from Florida.

 Any female rapper named after a badass comic book character who manages to look like a real person as opposed to a caricature (ahem Nicki Minaj) deserves to be heard. Luckily, Kitty Pryde’s lyrics and appearance bring a realness that makes you want to listen. Her “I don’t really care, this is a funny joke” attitude and apparent lack of desire to “make it,” somehow add to her appeal, making more of a statement about the power of the Internet and fame, rather than any definitive statement about white girl rappers.

Origins: Daytona Beach, Florida

Full name: Kathryn Beckwith

Known for: Kitty is known for rapping as if she is talking in a hypnotic baby voice.

Used in a sentence: Whether it’s her Pippi Longstocking appearance, or her frankness in interviews, there is something endearing about Kitty Pryde.

File next to: Jokers in Trousers, Hot Sugar, Kreayshawn

Download now: “Okay Cupid”

Five fun facts:

1. Kitty was part of the comedy hip hop group Jokers in Trousers when she caught the eye of rapper Riff Raff, which lead to the single “Orion’s Belt.”

2. Her stage name is a direct reference to the X-Men superhero.

3. She has dubbed herself “the rap game Taylor Swift,” and has a sick remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” called “Give Me Scabies.”

4. She started University when she was 16, and currently attends the University of Central Florida, although she’s kept her age intentionally secret.

5. She works at Claire’s.

2011 Kitty releases a mixtape by the same name
2012 She released an EP “The Lizzie McGuire Experience”
2012She released  The EP “Haha I’m sorry”
2012 The New York Times publishes a profile of her
2012 She releases the mixtape “Kitty Pryde’s 6 Million Dollar Album”

Notable lyrics:
The lyrics of this song are every teen angsty unfulfilled high school relationship ever.

Now you’re tryna dip, without me/But I’m the princess, read my lip, it’s pouty/And the sky is lookin kinda cloudy so maybe you should stay inside/And you and I can get a little rowdy/Lordy, shorty you’re a 10 and I wait for your drunk dials at 3:30 am/I love them/Excuse me, you’re a hell of a boy, your cigarette breath, well I thoroughly enjoy it/Lordy, shorty you’re a 10 and I wait for your drunk dials at 3:30 am, I love them/So call me sober when you’re ready, not goin steady, but babe I planned our wedding already/I don’t care how long it takes to get you after me I wrote our names on my binder/And everybody laughed at me

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