Weird news : Mitt Romney robs a bank, elephants drink vodka, smash pigs with hammers, Hotel Anus, flying pot,

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Okay, it isn’t the real Mitt Romney, but a man wearing a Mitt Romney mask, robbed a bank in Virginia this past week. The man took money from all five tellers before fleeing. A A strange fact, this is the same bank where someone robbed it wearing a Hillary Clinton mask, two years ago.


Elephants drink vodka

Two elephants drank vodka to survive, after the trailer they were in caught fire in freezing cold, Siberia. Their handler, quickly bought two cases of vodka, and mixing it with water, had the elephants drink it. In the end it probably saved their lives. They only had a little frost bite on their ears and trunks. The elephants are on tour with the circus, and the show must go on.


Smashing pigs with a hammer, New York tradition

A New York tradition at Christmas, isn’t exactly the first thing you think about during the holidays. Saratoga Sweets, in Halfmoon, New York carries on a Christmas tradition, of pink peppermint pigs. The hard candy pigs are selling like hot chocolate on a cold winter day. The best part, these piggies are sold with a little hammer to crush them. They are considered good luck, to smash them apart after Christmas.


CasANUS Hotel

Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to see what a giant replica of the human colon looks like, better yet, want to sleep in one, but it exists. The lovely hotel, is located on a small island near Antwerp, Belgium. On the outside, its exactly what it looks like, a giant human colon replica. On the inside, it’s actually cozy, clean and livable. What was once just an art piece, it is now been turned into a hotel. Surprisingly, all the reviews have been positive.


Canon shoots cans of Pot into the USA

I’ve heard of elaborate plans to smuggle Marijuana across borders, but this one is the coolest. About 30 cans ¬†filled with pot, were shot out of some sort of canon from Mexico, into Arizona, USA. The value is estimated at $42,500.

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