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Steve-O gets medical attention from Mike Tyson and a Kung-Fu Instructor

Posted on December 17, 2012 by

Steve-O shared his BEST STORY EVER on Canada’s  television talk show The Hour, retelling that time he got medical attention from Mike Tyson and a Kung-Fu instructor.

They were filming a bit called “BB Gun Nipple Piercing” and the Jackass star was super stoked because the pellet stayed in his nipple. All of a sudden, skateboarder Bam Margera snuck up behind him and punched him in the face for absolutely no reason at all, badly breaking his nose.

He went to a surgeon but the doctor insisted his nose healed that way and he’d have to re-break it in order to straighten it. A year later, he showed up at the Charlie Sheen Roast with his crooked nose. He talked Mike Tyson into holding his fist out with his arm locked and then ran forcefully across the stage and dove into Tyson’s fist.

All of a sudden, a kung-fu instructor came on stage and said Steve-O needed his nose to be set, assuring him that he’d done it many times before. Steve-O put his trust in the dude and he ended up fixing it.

“I got better cosmetic surgery done at the hands of Mike Tyson and a kung-fu weirdo than any doctor probably ever could have given me,” he said.

If Steve-O ever has grandkids, he’s going to have the most wicked stories EVER. “Gather round the fireplace children, has grandpa ever told you about the time he got choked thirteen times in a day or set his hair on fire or got medical attention from a kung-fu intructor?

Watch it here

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