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“Scenic Cold” (Katy Perry x Beirut) – Rostam

My favourite mashups are the ones you would never expect. Jay-Z and Linkin Park, Gotye and Avicii, and now pop princess Katy Perry and indie folk band Beirut. Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, who occasionally produces his own projects on the side under the name ROSTAM, mashed Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ Cold” and Beirut’s “Scenic World” together, which (as weird as the two choices are,) blends perfectly together.

“Here With Me” – The Killers

Will we ever get tired of The Killers foraying deeper into the world of darker imagery and eerie videos? NO. So here is their new video, directed by non other than Mr. Tim Burton himself! Strap yourselves in, ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a ride. Pretty much, a young boy falls in love with a beautiful actress (played with Winona Ryder), steals a lifesize doll of her, takes the doll places with him as his girlfriend, and then in the end the doll becomes real and the boy and Winona eat dinner together with their heads on fire. Classic Tim Burton.

“What About Us” – The Saturdays ft. Sean Paul

What’s with young pop stars pretending to have accents? Britney Spears put on a British accent for her recent collab with will.i.am, and now the Saturdays, who actually are British, have Caribbean accents in their North American debut single with Sean Paul. Accents aside, the track is a dance pop gem, with reggae flavor thrown in by Sean Paul who sings incoherently as usual, but sounds great as always. The Saturdays are pretty big in the UK already, and “What About Us” definitely has the elements to bring them success in the US and Canada.

“Old and Crazy” – Bruno Mars

I’ve always said Bruno Mars was born into the wrong era. With his coiffed hair, retro style, and throwback music, Mars’ old school elements have always been his signature. His new duet with Esperanza Spalding doesn’t just mash old with new, he goes full on retro with jazzy horns, saloon piano, and an all around crackly sound made to sound like an old record. This simple, charming duet just shows Mars’ range and newcomer Spalding does a great job keeping up with the style.

“Guns and Roses” – T.I. ft. Pink

Who woulda thunk T.I. and Pink would click so well? Thinking about it, it makes sense – they’re both real, rebellious, and speak (and sing) from the heart. Their new collaboration is about a bittersweet romance, a subject I have a feeling both artists are familiar with. T.I. starts off the track with low rhymes, and then Pink takes it away in the hook with her ever-powerful voice. The subject matter isn’t the most pleasant, but fits in with what T.I. and Pink are all about.

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