Blind date mixup prank

Posted on December 17, 2012 by

Tommy Woolridge has never been on a real date so he decided to go on some spontaneous blind dates without inviting any girls in advance. Naturally, the awkwardness we’ve come to know and love in the YouTube star seeps out, as he approaches random girls reading in parks and presents them with a single red rose.

The girls don’t realize it’s a prank and think the whole thing is either a mixup or that the dude is a major CREEP. Either way, most of them are pretty embarrassed for him. Previously, Woolridge attempted to use Taylor Swift and Blink 182  lyrics as pick-up lines.

So far, he hasn’t met his soulmate through his YouTube pranks, but he might want to consider one of his top commenters as a suitor:

How would you react if some random dude approached you and said you had a blind date?

Watch it here

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