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Love reigns on Glee Actually

Posted on December 14, 2012 by

The holidays are here, and the glee kids are celebrating everything from Hanukkah to Christmas to… the Mayan apocalypse?

By Kelly O’Brien

Here’s what you need to know from last night’s episode, “Glee, Actually.”

Artie’s guardian angel – After taking a nasty fall on McKinley’s treacherous wheelchair ramp, he wishes he were never put in his chair. He has a Christmas Carol-esque dream in which ex-gleek Rory shows him what McKinley would be like had he never been paralyzed. Picture a pregnant Becky and a drunk Mr. Schue. Scary, I know.  Luckily, the dream is enough to make Artie come to his senses.

Christmas in New York – Kurt plans to stay in New York for Christmas, but what he doesn’t plan is a visit from his dad and ex-boyfriend Blaine. The visit is full of Hummel traditions like watching basketball while not-so-secretly reading Vogue, but Burt comes bearing something other than gifts: he tells Kurt he has prostate cancer. It’s heartbreaking to see these two battle another health scare. Can’t they catch a break?

A Puckerman reunionPuck swings by McKinley to pick up his mini-me Jake and bring him to Hollywood to show him how the other half lives.  Jake quickly discovers that his brother’s life isn’t all its cracked up to be, and invites him back to Lima to spend the holidays with their moms. These two are quickly becoming my favourite family on the show. Let’s hope there will be more duets in their future.

The end is near – At least if you’re asking Brittany and Sam, that is. The two decide to enjoy their last days blowing their life savings on outrageous gifts for the glee club (I’ll take the three week stay in St. Tropez, please), forming the Mayan Apocalypse Club and – wait for it – getting married.  I’m glad the world didn’t end for them, because I cannot get enough of the hilariousness that is this couple.

Sue Clause – Sue learns that Marley and her mom can’t afford Christmas this year, so she breaks into their house and creates one for them. Not only does she give gifts, she gives the Rose’s enough money to pay for therapy for Marley, who is still struggling with her eating disorder. I love that even Sue Sylvester is showing a softer side around the holidays.

Best Performance: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The perfect way to say “happy holidays,” glee style.

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