Bridgit Mendler talks about her album name, “Hello My Name Is,” and it’s not biographical

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Bridgit Mendler with ANDPOP

We were surprised to hear Bridgit Mendler’s debut studio album isn’t semi-autobiographical, considering it’s called Hello My Name Is.. (Bridgit Mendler). Although it’s self-titled, the songs on the album aren’t all personal to her, though they do appeal to her sense of style and personality. She recently sat down with ANDPOP’s Jordan Bortolotti in Toronto to chat about the writing process.

“I think it’s so brave for artists to tell their own stories,” Bridgit said. “And I would love to do that. But I think another part of the fun of it is not just telling your own story but telling a bunch of different stories.”

“Ready or Not” was the first single off her introductory album. It was an international Top 40 hit and thrived on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The 19-year-old was also at NYC’s recent Big Jingle on Dec. 7.

Bridgit said she’s looking forward to doing more albums in the future that have an over-arching concept, but the eclectic mix of songs was perfect for an introductory album. “For now,” she says, “the main thing I’m trying to convey is ‘Hi! This is who I am.'” And if this is who she is, we’re into it!

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