An ode to Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner

Posted on December 13, 2012 by

Youtuber Mia Gentile is obviously a huge fan of Stanley Steemer the carpet cleaner. So much in fact, that she made a music video (in what appears to be her bedroom) to reflect that infatuation. Gentile is seen hanging from her bed post, opera singing, and doo-wopping to declare her love for the company. Or maybe it’s just for her love of their diverse commercials.

Stanley Steemer is a carpet cleaning company that is clearly dedicated to the art of commercial making. It’s obvious what Gentile was trying to do with her mash-up: clearly the company loves making strange and really diverse commercials, similar to the various music styles that Gentile sang in.

But the best one of all is hands down their rock-n-roll themed beauty:

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