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Diamond Rings performs acoustic version of “All The Time”

Posted on December 12, 2012 by

It’s no surprise Diamond Rings takes a strong creative license over his unique sound and image, considering he started out by recording and distributing his songs in his bedroom. He’s someone who stands out both musically and artistically in a visually saturated culture — something he feels is important.

“I think it’s really important to take ownership over every facet of what it is to be a muscian in 2012,” he said in an interview with ANDPOP. “The more I can do on my own to shape who I am and to shape what people think of me the better.”

Now that he’s gaining even more acclaim from fans and music critics, his work is done on a grander scale. To keep himself challenged creatively he’s involving others in the process, or “trying to” he laughs.

The artist performed an acoustic version of “All The Time” at Toronto’s Drake and gave some solid advise for aspiring musicians, or really, anyone in the artistic community.

“I would advise anyone starting out who has a love of music,” he said “to follow their hearts and not be afraid to trust intuition and trust their instincts, and not be afraid to try those things that seem crazy.”

He added: “If your heart is in the right place good things will start to happen.”

Watch it here

Diamond Rings: All The Time (Acoustic Performance) from ANDPOP on Vimeo.

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