Tumblr Tuesday Christmas edition: Movies, lights and the Biebs (duh)

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Holiday movie marathon 

If you’re in college or university, you’re probably finishing up your exams and final assignments. There’s nothing better than not worrying about school work anymore and being able to just flop on the couch to relax. Elf is definitely one of my favourite Christmas movies! Do you guys have an other suggestions? [monstrothewhale]

Time to decorate the tree

Nice to know my family decorated the tree without me this year. Not bitter at all… Anyway, are you the type of person to decorate a fake tree straight out of the box or be extra festive and find the perfect Douglas Fir? [snooowflake]

My Christmas wish came true

*SIGH* If only you could wish for a super cute, soul singing celeb for Christmas. I guess the next best thing is picking up one of their albums, or seeing your faves hanging out together! Siva from The Wanted and Ed Sheeran have played a few Jingle Ball shows together. It’s always nice to see fellow artists supporting each other. [thewantedblog]

Make your holidays stress-free

As we all know, Mean Girls is a classic teen movie, and I’m sure you can learn a few things from it. If you’re involved in any sort of talent show, make sure to have patience. No one wants to fight during the happiest time of the year, right? [pactressia]

Leftover Christmas lights

Bring the festivities into your bedroom or dorm room with Christmas lights! They can double as a nightlight or just look super cool. [human1ty]

I wanted to be this kid

One of my other all time favourite Christmas movies is Home Alone. Even though Kevin’s family ended up forgetting him at home before taking off on vacation, he seemed to handle himself pretty well and kick some butt along the way. If only we all had that freedom at that age! [tarantinoed]

DIY nails

Have some fun with your nails this Christmas by painting them a special red or green colour. If you’re really artsy, try painting on miniature reindeer or snowflakes. Or if you’re like me, head to the salon for a little help! [jadore-la-moda]

Photoshop your fave celeb 

Seems like the world of Tumblr is getting very excited for Christmas, photoshopping Santa hats on some of your favourite heartthrobs, like Justin Bieber. Speaking of JB, who broke out his Christmas album already, Under The Mistletoe? [pacsowner]

What NOT to do outdoors

Sometimes you get talked into stupid things like this unfortunate soul from A Christmas Story. This is the oldest trick in the book, so don’t fall for it… even if someone triple dog dares you. [fearthereaper]

Can you compete with this?

There’s always that one house on your block that tries to go overboard and make everyone else’s decorations look like a hopeless disaster. Sure it might look super cool and you can have a rave party outside, but I’d like to see your electrical bill. [lawyerupasshole]

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