Harry Styles impersonator calls screaming fans

Posted on December 11, 2012 by

Some Directioners are so deeply connected with their favourite member of the band that they tweet their personal phone numbers to Harry, Zayn, Niall — whoever — on the off chance one of the guys will ring them up for kicks.

Jon, from the YouTube channel SimplySpoons, decided to take advantage of this and prank call a couple fans by impersonating curly haired Harry Styles. Though his accent isn’t steller, it doesn’t really matter because you can hardly hear him over ALL THE SCREAMING.

After introducing himself, he talked to the fans about everything from going solo (he’s feeling disconnected from the other guys), cold remedies and Louis cutting down some trees.

I don’t know if the girls ever found out it was all a prank call but I’m sure they would have been devastated after bragging to all their friends for days

Watch it here

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