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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Casey Veggies, a hip-hop artist from Inglewood, California.

This 19-year-old from Inglewood, California who once described Toronto as wavy, and who sites Kanye West and Nas as inspirations, has said he wants to show that young artists can rap about more than just dancing and partying, while still remaining cool. So far, it seems like he’s on the right track, with a new album on the way.

Origins: Inglewood, California

Full name: Casey Jones

Known for: Casey is known for his lyrics and trend-setting ways.

Used in a sentence: His name was partially inspired by the fact that vegetables are good for you, and Casey is definitely good listening.

File next to: Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy

Download now: “Smart Water”

Five fun facts:
1. Before he committed to pursuing a rap career, Casey wanted to be a pro basketball player
2. Casey was one of the original, founding members of OFWGKTA, but left to do his own thing

3. He had a sold-out performance in April with Rita Ora
4. Casey is also known as Arrogant Veggies, Mr.Vegetables, and Young Veggies
5. He was nominated for the XXL 2012 Freshman 10

2007 Casey released his first mixtape Customized Greatly Vol. 1 at the age of 14
2007 Casey helped Anwar Carrots and Joshton Peas, establish street wear brand PNCINTL, or Peas & Carrots International
2008 He released Customized Greatly Vol. 2
2010 He released the mixtape Sleeping in class
2012 Casey released the mixtape Customized Greatly Vol. 3

Notable lyrics:
This is kind of a love song?

Coming up in a world that didn’t transpire/that’s my girl I’ll squeeze her ass until my hands tire and ma’ woman make you hotter than a camp fire/She bited on my neck so are you a vampire?/I texted she replied/I guess she tried to get her man fired/I’m just bein’ modest, at the mall/You’ve seen the guy, the young frequent flyer, hit it with the left hook/If anything they don’t respect my honesty, if anything she wanna set the way she iron me/I’m a smooth nigga’, not a drug dealer, and in the club really, I’m just in love with the thought of getting sex/Young nigga’…run the Universe/It’s like these cats be rappin’ on the same beat, that’s like back to back tapping on the same seats

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