Weird News: Doggie cupcakes, women banned from cell phones, Pizza perfume and more

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If you have a dog, you’re aware of those “puppy eyes” they give you when they’re hungry. Even though we shouldn’t, we usually cave and give them a little piece of whatever we’re eating. Now, you can give them doggie Christmas cake! It’s all thanks to a man in Japan,┬áNaohiko Nagatani, who created a dog-friendly cake. He’s the owner of an Italian restaurant in Japan and so far the cakes are selling well. They go for about $73 each, which may seem like a lot to spend on your dog, but the best part about these cakes, is humans can eat them too.

One Step for man, err, 68,345,943,536,743 steps back for women

In Bihar, India, they have banned women from using cellphones. I’m serious. The reason for the ban? Too many females are eloping and having extramarital affairs. And clearly, banning the use of cellphones is the only way to stop it. People are protesting this outrageous ban.

Millionaire takes his Christmas wish to a San Diego Billboard

Marc Paskin, a millionaire and reality TV personality, bought this billboard ad in San Diego. It speaks for itself. This is probably one of the most shallow things I’ve ever seen, but it’s kinda funny. If I had money I would make one too. All I want for Christmas is a Jamaican boyfriend, seriously.

You can smell like pizza

Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza, but I’ve never wanted to smell like one. But, if that’s your thing, now you can. Pizza hut has launched its own pizza scent cologne. But, only to 110 select Canadians. The scent was created in celebration for Pizza Hut reaching 100,000 fans on Facebook. So, for now, it isn’t for sale. I’m sure I speak for a lot of women out there when I say, I’m glad it isn’t for sale at the mall. Who wants their boyfriend to smell like pizza?



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