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Best movies of 2012

Posted on December 10, 2012 by

I know this is really cheesy, but I love watching end of the year movie mashups because they remind us of the endless possibilities of life. While a lot of people rag on modern movies for being uncreative trite, Nick Kinder thinks differently. He mashed together the best movies of 2012 into a six minute clip and it’s pretty epic.

“2012 was arguably one of the greatest years in modern film. At least in my opinion,” he wrote on his YouTube page. “And editing this video made me realize it. There were so many great films this year. And no matter which one was your favorite, hopefully it made it into this.”

Kinder spent two months editing the video and it took 65 gigabytes on his laptop and over 50 hours of editing. The compilation will tear you to pieces during Damien Rice’s “One” timeframe and build you back up when it jumps into the comedies.

What was your favourite movie of 2012?


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