Imagine Dragons are locked under a stuffed bear fighting ring in “Radioactive”

Posted on December 10, 2012 by

For such an epic song, I envisioned the music video for Imagine Dragons‘ “Radioactive” to be a little different than the one we got. The guys are locked up in the basement dungeon of some criminal mastermind running a fighting ring. But instead of pitbulls, the fighters are stuffed animals.

A mysterious woman brings a scraggly pink bear to fight against a nasty horned moster, hoping he dominates the ring and rescues the trapped rockers.

The track is from Imagine Dragons’ debut album Night Visions. I imagined something a little more post-apocalyptic, like survivors conquering zombies in a destroyed city. Still, it’s an interesting, if slightly kitschy storyline. Do you think it fits the song?

Watch an interview with the guys here.

Watch it here

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