Did One Direction Rip Off the Backstreet Boys?

Posted on December 8, 2012 by

If you’ve ever compared the song titles on One Direction’s first album to some of the Backstreet Boys’ songs, you might notice quite a few similarities.

Serving as a guest host on TMZ, BSB’s A.J. McLean totally dissed One Direction for ripping off songs titles from the ’90s boyband.

In comparing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ to ‘Makes You Different’ ; ‘More than This’ to ‘More than That’ and ‘I Wish’ to ‘One Wish’, AJ does have a point here.

But that being said, what do you really expect?  These are pretty much generic boyband song titles and it’s not like the songs sound the same.  Why can’t we all just enjoy the music?

And also, what’s with the BSB vs. ‘N SYNC rivalry?  That’s so 90s!

And to be frank, I CAN name five AMAZING ‘N SYNC songs:

1. Bye Bye Bye

2. Dirty Pop

3.  It’s Gonna Be Me (whoa sounds a lot like Gotta Be You to be honest….)

4. I Want You Back

5.  Tearin Up My Heart

So, there you go Brian. I hope you’re applying cold water to your injuries because:

(I still love you BSB. Why can’t we all just be friends?)

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