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Cruel Elevator Prank Featuring a Coffin

Posted on December 8, 2012 by

Just when you thought the ghost elevator prank was the creepiest gag you’ve ever seen, the same folk’s from Brazil’s Silvio Santos Program are at it again.  And this time, you might just even pee your pants with horror (or laughter, if you’re really into dark stuff).

Rigging an elevator once again, this prank features a coffin and a man posing as a corpse inside of the box.  Scaring the living daylights out of random strangers riding inside the moving cart, this  trick seems more cruel than funny.

That being said, this is rather unrealistic because I’ve never seen anyone carry a casket like that before.  But if by chance this ever happens to me in real life, CONSIDER ME OUT OF THAT ELEVATOR IMMEDIATELY.

I don’t care if I’ll be late for an appointment.  There’s no way I’m sharing an elevator with a coffin!!!

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