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Kurt gets a second chance at NYADA on Glee’s “Swan Song”

Posted on December 7, 2012 by

By Kelly O’Brien

It’s a night of last chances as the gleeks look for purpose and NYADA gives Kurt one last shot.

Here’s what you need to know from last night’s episode, “Swan Song.”

Moving on – After collapsing last week, Marley is thankfully okay. However, the New Directions were forced to forfeit sectionals after coming to her rescue during the performance. With Sue taking over the choir room, there’s nowhere for the club to rehearse, forcing the kids to find new extra-curriculars. Blaine looks pretty good as a Cheerio, but I would pay money to see Artie perform alongside the marching band (plume and all).

The golden ticket – Freshmen DO NOT perform at the NYADA’s Winter Showcase. Unless that freshman happens to be Rachel of course. After proving her voice is unmatched during the Cassandra vs. Rachel sing-off of “All That Jazz,” she goes on to win the showcase. She may not have the best moves, but nobody slays a ballad like Rachel Berry.

Santana who? – Santana and Brittany are officially over, and that means Sam aka Trouty Mouth is free to make his move on Brittany. While the wrath of lesbian bloggers holds her back at first, the allure of those luscious lips proves to be too much for Britt to bear, and the two share an adorable kiss. Good thing Sam has extra Chapstick on hand.

Kurt’s second chanceKurt is taking one last shot at getting into NYADA, but impressing Carmen Tibideaux is no easy feat. She grants him his second audition during the showcase, and his breathtaking performance wins him an acceptance letter. Hold on to your jazz shoes everyone, Kurt Hummel is back in full force! I wonder if he’ll move into the dorms and find a shower buddy of his own…

The new direction – Glee club may be done competing, but that doesn’t mean they’re done forever. After a pep talk from Rachel and a new rehearsal space from Marley, Finn is able to help bring everyone back together and get them remember why they joined glee in the first place – they love music. Apart from the random but obviously amazing Breakfast Club reference, I’m glad to see glee getting back to its roots. All that this episode needed was one final fist pump from Finn (à la John Bender).

Best Performance:  Kurt’s rendition of “Being Alive” CHILLS PEOPLE.

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One response to “Kurt gets a second chance at NYADA on Glee’s “Swan Song””

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