Artist paints by screaming into paintbrush

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An artist named Kim Beom’s peculiar instructional video displays a unique way of painting. The actor in the video literally lets the emotion seep out of him by picking up his paintbrush, putting his mouth close to the bristles and screaming while he paints.

Not just any old scream too; “A long scream that sounds like when you’re hurt, as if someone yanked your arm behind you or pulled you by the hair,” he says in the instructional video. It’s getting quite a reaction on YouTube from people who don’t realize the instructional video is actually part of the art project:

Beom isn’t a troll but the project fits with his sense of humour. The painting “Yellow Scream” was acquired by the Walker Art Center and the 31-minute instructional video is shown on their site.

On a different note, if Beom actually painted like the actor in this video I can imagine two fierce lines drawn in the artistic world: Those who call it art and those who say it’s too sensational.Where would you stand in the conversation?

Watch it here

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