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Hits and Misses: Beyoncé, Channing Tatum

Posted on December 6, 2012 by

HIT: Beyoncé directing HBO Doc on Herself

We’re already predicting that Queen Bey will OWN 2013. On top of headlining the Super Bowl half-time show and reportedly releasing new music in the next year, she’ll now also direct an HBO documentary on herself. Between her and Jay Z (you’ve seen this adorable video of him talking to an old lady on the subway, right?), there’s no doubt Blue Ivy will be an ambitious, thoughtful young lady.

MISS: Channing Tatum to Take a Break from Acting

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Sexiest Man of the Year has decided to take a year-long break in the near future to focus on finding a project to direct with his production partner. Take a deep breath, ladies, here’s a tissue. It’s just a break. After the kind of year Tatum has had (pretty much a movie every two months), you wouldn’t want to see him overexposed and burned out, right? Anyways, four for you, Channing Tatum. You go, Channing Tatum.

HIT: GIFs of Justin Timberlake During his Male Pageant Days

Go call Honey Boo Boo Child and tell her all future pageants are cancelled because Justin Timberlake just won all the awards (even though this took place years ago, but we’ll ignore that)! Thanks to the lovely folks at Buzzfeed, we can now marvel as Timberlake coyly plays with the audience during his young pageant days. Together now: I can’t even. This is too precious. SQUEAL!

MISS: Jayden Smith Claims his Instagram was Hacked after a Hateful Comment

The young Smith claims his Instagram account was hacked after it appeared the young star tried to defend a fan from another with a tirade of curses. It seems plausible because the “comeback” seems a little bit backwards fighting fire with fire, and it wasn’t even clever. Honestly, it actually took me a while to decipher what his apparent hacker wrote because they forgot all about grammar and punctuation. I’d also like to believe that after watching all those episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will and Jada Smith would know how to raise his kids to be respectful. So far, I believe he has and am totally on Jayden’s side.

HIT: Tina Fey’s Daughter has a Mini Cameo on 30 Rock

Alice “Can I party with you, beautiful eyes” Richmond, a.k.a. Tina Fey’s wonderful spawn, made a brief appearance on mom’s show. With a classic eye roll like that, there’s no doubt she’s Fey’s daughter. Actually, the resemblance is quite scary with that wig. How soon can we get her on SNL?

MISS: Emile Hirsch Pees in Front of the Paparazzi

The Into the Wild star obviously doesn’t give a shit that the paparazzi just caught him peeing into a potted plant. With that red cup just sitting right in the open, there’s no doubt as to why a) he had to pee and b) didn’t care. YOLO?

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