Couple announce breakup to friends via YouTube song

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There are couples that take the high route in breakups:

And couples that take the low route:

Then there are those special couples that like to take what I call the “Taylor Swift” route, by writing a song about it. Jonathan and Ivory were dating for five whole years and decided their relationship wasn’t working. They announced their breakup to their friends and their YouTube fans¬†through a song called “We’ve Got To Break Up.” Jonathan¬†writes a song a day for his YouTube channel and this is #1435 (seriously).

He wrote on his YouTube page: “Yes, it’s true folks. Ivory and I are splitting up. It’s really sad. I’m really sad. I think you may have been able to tell in some recent songs. It’s going to be a hard road ahead for me, but I know that this is the right decision and that eventually we’ll both be happier in the end.”

Jonathan wants to have kids but Ivory isn’t on the same page. It’s kind of depressing but catchy at the same time. It also shows you don’t have to HATE your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after you breakup. What’s the sanest breakup you’ve ever been through?

Watch it here

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