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3 best performances from last night’s X-Factor, top six

Posted on December 6, 2012 by

By Jessica Galang

Tonight’s show was unique as the contestants had to perform two songs each. One of those songs was chosen by  the very people that keep the show going: the fans. The Pepsi Challenge assigned three songs to each contestant and the songs that got the most votes was performed on last night’s show. The contestants even tweeted what they were wearing; CeCe Frey tweeted a photo of her shorts and asked “denim or no denim?” The other song wasn’t revealed until they actually performed it — it was called the ‘unplugged’ song.

For tonight, here are my top three favourites:

Emblem 3 – “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart (From the Pepsi Challenge)

Emblem 3 is so adorable; they remind me of a boy band from the 90s. I felt it was really appropriate that they sang ‘Forever Young’, since they really embody youth and that boyish charm that makes preteen girls go nuts. I felt they did a really good rendition and they all sang the song on point. While not all their performances are amazing, they really know how to keep in harmony together and make it work.  Demi had the biggest smile on her face and told they judges they all know she’s a fan, but she wants to see them command the stage more. However, @SimonCowell tweeted “I have no idea what Demi is talking about @emblemthree were amazing.”

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “If I Were A Boy” (From the Pepsi Challenge)

This performance can literally be summed up by one line she sings towards the end: “But you’re just a boy, no you don’t understand.” As soon as I hard her vocalize that line, I pretty much just accepted that the competition is probably over because Carly is phenomenal. Though this is an overplayed song, she performed it just as well as Beyonce herself, and it looks like she’s getting more confident every week. “As a fan I get very excited because you never let me down, you are so talented,” LA says. Demi said her vocals are amazing, but she wants to see her sing more up-tempo because it is predictable – Simon quickly interrupted and told Carly not to listen to anything Demi has to say. I must agree with Demi; it would be nice to see Carly go beyond the slow tempo and do something different rather than pick the same kind of song every week. Still, it was a flawless performance.

Tate Stevens – “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

As soon as Tate Stevens started singing this song, I turned into a blob of goo and melted into my couch, never to be seen again. He took a lovely song and sang it full of emotion and heartbreak. The fact that he has an “Aw, shucks” kind of persona adds to his charm and makes the performance seem very down to earth and personal – which I think is what audiences love most about him. Simon said “Welcome back Tate Stevens… I’m really happy that you’ve come this far. You can’t put an age cap on talent.” Even @Harry_Styles of One Direction tweeted “Just watched ?@tatestevensctry ‘s performance. Good job man! Lovely guy too..”

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