Jay-Z chats with a 67-year-old lady on the subway

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Jay-Z decided to ride the subway to a concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center causing MASS PANDEMONIUM I TELL YOU among us mere plebs. He ended up chatting with a 67-year-old artist named Ellen Grossman, and the adorable encounter was conveniently caught on camera for his documentary Where I’m From, but more importantly, for the Internet to obsess over.

Grossman didn’t recognize who he was and upon noticing all the fandemonium asked if he was famous.

“Yes. Not very famous, you don’t know me,” he replied. “But I’ll get there.” Then he introduced himself as “Jay” and shook her hand. When he tacked on the “Z” she realized who he was. “Oh you’re Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z.”

Of not recognizing him right away, she told The Washington Post: “I was aware Jay-Z was famous and existed, but I didn’t know how famous.” She added: “I’ve become much more aware of what he’s done and who he is… And as I checked him out, I realized, how embarrassing that I didn’t know who he was!”

Grossman shouldn’t be embarrassed as I’m guessing it was actually pretty humbling for the rapper to have a normal conversation, without the person having any preconceived ideas about him. How often does he get to introduce himself to someone like that?

Watch it here

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