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Five Best Dressed: Taylor Swift stuns in the land Down Under, Two Brits dazzle in British Fashions, and more

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Taylor Swift

What she’s wearing: Swift appeared in the land down under in this stunning white Elie Saab chiffon gown at the 2012 ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia.

Why we love it: Just look at Swift, she looks GORGEOUS!! (I don’t caps lock a lot, so when I don you know I mean business!) I wanna hate Swift for living out the fairy tale dream and rubbing it in our peasant faces, but at the end of the day you got to give it to her for bringing her A game to everything (whether its her hit new record, her red carpet looks, or managing to snag a member from One Direction). Some might say this look is too dressy for the occasion but it’s usually always better to be overdressed than under-dressed. The dress is nice and sweet in the front, but the lace panelling on the side adds some major sex appeal.

Someone likes what they see!

Takeaway: Lace is a great way to show skin but still be covered at the same time, so if you find that some cutouts in dresses are too risqué try to cover those bare spots with a nice lace fabric. Make sure the lace works well with the rest of the fabrics on the dress so as to not make it look like a patchwork dress of random fabrics.


Isabelle Fuhrman

What she’s wearing: The Hunger Games actress stepped out in a graphic Prabal Gurung short-suit at the 2013 Miss Golden Globe Party in California.

Why we love it: Fuhrman was one of the standout stars in the first The Hunger Games film and its a shame she won’t be in any of the subsequent ones (sorry if this is too spolier-y for you). This chic three-piece silk suit has a matching printed blazer, shorts, and blouse but everything pops with solid accents and trimmings. The blazer has solid navy lapels and cuffs, the shorts have a bright red waist band, and the blouse has a lovely light blue statement collar.

She will cut you!

Takeaway: Menswear can be a tough arena to venture into but you shouldn’t worry because you can still show off your femininity even when wearing menswear inspired clothes. Take baby-steps like mixing menswear inspired cuts with feminine fabrics. Like you can buy a suit jacket but in silk, the silhouette might be menswear inspired but the fabric keeps it feminine.


Ashley Madekwe

What she’s wearing: The Revenge actress also attended the 2013 Miss Golden Globe Party, but she wore a long-sleeve plum Burberry Prorsum floral dress.

Why we love it: There’s just something about a Brit wearing the British Burberry design label that creates magic. It’s like if the Brits all had to wear a uniform, it would most likely be a Burberry uniform since they’ll all look stunning in their designs. What makes this look standout is how amazing it manages to take florals into the fall season. Having the florals in that plum colour when the rest of the dress is in that deep purple means the flowers subtly pop from the dress while not overpowering the look. Plus Madekwe is on trend with her dark lips which makes this look a winner.

Takeaway: Florals in the fall? How absurd! Just kidding! Actually florals can work all year round it just takes the right pattern and colour combination to make it work. Dark and rich colours will help make the floral more appropriate for Fall/Winter.


Rita Ora

What she’s wearing: The singer stepped out in a head-to-toe Stella McCartney look mixing a cream cable knit sweater with white wide leg pants to greet the press at the 2012 British Fashion Awards.

Why we love it: This was Ora’s third look from the night and while the other two were just as stunning this look stood out because of its chic casualness to it. Ora works the monochromatic look well but keeps it interesting by mixing fabrics with her chunky knitted sweater and her sleek pants. She adds a pop of colour with her futuristic silver-holographic clutch. Also Ora gets bonus points for donning another amazing U.K. designer’s fashions, from music royalty Stella McCartney.

Takeaway: Chunky knit sweaters are on-trend so pair it with something more slimming or shapely since chunky sweaters tend to be shapeless. You don’t want to drown in your sweater, you just want to look warm and cozy and obviously chic too.


Samuel Larsen

What he’s wearing: The Glee actor attended The Trevor Project’s “2012 Trevor Live!” event in Hollywood wearing a charcoal Zara wool military jacket, black skinny jeans, and chocolate brown oxford lace-ups.

Why we love it: Larsen’s look was a refreshing departure from all the dapper suits at the event and he managed to look put-together even with his laid-back style. Military jackets are all the craze on women’s runways but they are really a staple in men’s fashion. The pairing of skinny jeans with oxford shoes was a nice dress-up and dress-down combo too.

Takeaway: The key to finding the perfect jacket is figuring out whether or not just wearing the jacket alone will suffice. Larsen wore the jacket the whole night, so if you can manage to get major mileage out of your coat and not have to wear anything else underneath then you know you found a winner. If the jacket can standalone on its own then buy, but if you need to wear it to complete a look than stay away (unless you’re super rich and buying jackets is not a big deal!).

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