Eminem and Skylar Grey tease us with “C’Mon Let Me Ride” clips

Posted on December 5, 2012 by

We were flipping out when we heard that Eminem was featured on Skylar Grey’s new track, “C’Mon Let Me Ride.” But now that they’ve release a trailer for the video, our fangirling is going to a whole new level. Eminem and Skylar are true cuties in the trailer for the video, which according to Skylar Grey is filmed “in some strange little village in Michigan.” The little village turns out to be a place full of trailers.


“Why does everyone think I’m from a f*ckin’ trailer park?” Eminem inquires with a smirk on his face. The teaser also follows a woman who explains that literally her entire family lives within the same radius as her. She’s quite the cutie, so I hope she is also in the video alongside Em and Skylar. I don’t know what the video is about yet, but it will obviously feature these friendly faces.

The video comes out on Dec. 11.

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