Beware of the gator stare

Posted on December 5, 2012 by

Imagine having an innocent conversation with your friends on campus — when suddenly, a wild “gator” emerges. Not a real gator, but some dude who has perfected the art of something called the Stare of the Gator. Aka the creepiest act of stalker-like behaviour I’ve seen. If I saw this guy creeping on my friends and I on campus, I’d react a little something like this:


However, in the video uploaded by Pearce Murphy, the victims of the gator stare seem to be rather calm. And rather disturbed by the random act of creepy levels. Rather hilariously, the video is set to the romantic moods of One Republic’s “Stop and Stare.” Cue the irony alert.

It’s clear that the young man in the video is innocently trying to troll his fellow classmates. But I fear for the day when someone tries to fight his stalking-ways.

Watch the video here:

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