5 cheesy scenes from “I Think You Might Like It” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

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The best Christmas gift ever has come early this year — a Grease reunion. Kind of. Our favourite fictional couple Sandy and Danny, aka Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, has teamed up this year to make a Christmas album. As if they didn’t supply us with enough hits to sing along to, they decide to make our hearts swoon for the millionth time.

There’s just one problem — the album is a product of cheese. Lots of it. I was rejoicing at the thought of ONJ and Travolta teaming up again after all these years, until I saw their music video for a song called “I Think You Might Like It.” While I think the video is actually really adorable, the interwebz has already started to make fun of these poor souls. A part of me wants to hug the duo for their cute video. The other part just wants to scroll through gifs of it.

Here are 5 really cheesy scenes from “I Think You Might Like It:”

1. Run, Johnny, run!


When John Travolta ran his glorious self down the airplane steps, I nearly peed. Seriously. His arms look so little and excited as he waddles down the steps to see his soul mate bff, Olivia Newton John. What I want to know is if Travolta runs like this every time he steps off a plane. If so, I am so there.

2. Awwwwkward.


I don’t get it. I really don’t. This could possibly be a reference to the duo’s epic finale in Grease, but all I see is some major cowboy swagger. It doesn’t help the ONJ is wearing heels that look exactly like cowgirl boots.

3. Fake laugh.


“What am I doing with my life? Hahaha…ha.”

4. Run to me, Olivia! 


This part actually happened. It wasn’t even in slow-mo, but somehow ONJ and Travolta managed to make this “running toward each other” scene equally as cheesy. It was kind of cute though to see the pair reunite. While this part was so bad it was almost good, I think it was straight-up wrong to tease Grease fans with a scene like this. The pair dance with together and stare lovingly into each others’ eyeballs. WHY?! My heart cannot handle this.

5. Rock out until the awkward is gone.


Even with this awkward eyes closed, head bobbing, and finger pointing combination, Travolta is still kind of cute. Just kind of.

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