10 worst Christmas gifts to give someone this year

Posted on December 5, 2012 by

Like every year that passes us, we saw some pretty strange products come out in 2012. Humans are all about invention and innovation — but sometimes our minds make up the weirdest things ever. And even more unfortunate is that those weird things end up beneath the Christmas tree only to send our relatives into shock and horror. While we might think these products are secretly awesome and bad ass, it might not be a great idea to give your sweet grandpa a chest-exposing tie. You read that right.

Here are the 10 worst Christmas gifts to give this year:

1. Underwear to go.

2. Jean-sandal hybrid

3. A hairy-chest tie

4. The “I don’t really like your singing” karaoke mic

5. The “Hug-Me” jacket

6. Taking the fun away from Oreo dipping

7. The “Cheesus Christ” cheese grater

8. The rudest key ever!

9. He-Man She-Ra Christmas Sweater

10. A tongue controlled MP3 player grill


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