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Do: Faux fur 

Krystin Lee, 26 – Furrrrrrr is a must-have this winter season! It’s the perfect way to transform a simple outfit into “high class” without spending too much! The brown really compliments this full-on navy blue attire.

Do: Cable Knit Sweater 

Christina C. – Overgrown sweaters paired with a lumberjack shirt is definitely the way to go. The colours just go so well together and the gold jewelry really add the fancy element to this laid back outfit.

Do: Corduroy pants 

Samantha Pereira –  The fur vest and corduroy pants really compliment each other; two unique textures that offer a little extra something to any look. And the pairing with the suede wedges is excellent!

Do: Coon hat 

Gabrielle Miau – All I have to say about this look is the coon hat. Have you ever seen someone look more Canadian? And the leopard print wedge boots are perfection!

Do: Leather and hoodie 

Alexander Liang – Ever heard of effortless style? This guy’s got it! The leather and hoody combination is classic for a casually cool look.

Do: Shiny tights

Julia Monson, 22 – Shiny tights may be tacky but these bronze-gold tights are right on! This is the perfect example of how to incorporate a flashy element into your outfit. The black sweater and knee-high boots really tone down this overpowering piece.

Do: Holiday sweater 

Sydney Hoffman, 20 – The holiday season is just around the corner — freak out — so why not get into the spirit with red hot pants? I love the pairing of it with this overgrown navy blue festive sweater! Cozy yet seasonal.

Do: Tweed jacket 

Allyssa K. – Ever consider pairing a classic tweed jacket with jeans and a t-shirt? Well consider it now! Another example of effortless style!

Do: Over-accessorize 

Bobby R. – The hat. The scarf. The skull rings. The claw bracelets. Whimsical and unique. I haven’t seen such magnificent accessorizing in a really long time – for men anyway.

Do: Camouflage

Chantal L., 20 – The best thing about this look are the colours the camouflage jacket adds. The beige Celine bag really helps make this not-so-bright jacket stand out!


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