Tumblr Tuesday: The Wanted Edition

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Major LOLs during their performance for ANDPOP

One of my favourite things about The Wanted is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They started off our live-stream with not one, but two acoustic performances— ‘I Found You’ and ‘Glad You Came.’ If you didn’t catch what all the laughing was about, they were making sexual noises during GYC. I see what you did there. [skittlesforjay]

Drunk in the studio? 

Even though the guys are constantly busy on the road, they’re making time for their new album coming out early next year. Nathan blurt out, “When was the last time you were in the studio Jay?” He didn’t quite remember if it was yesterday… or the day before. Who could blame him, really? [nodoyjay]

Tom Parker 2.0

look how cute tom looks!

Jordan wanted to know what it would take to be a member of The Wanted. After him and Tom reversed roles, he showed off his British accent and suggested he could be the rapper in the group. When TW’s manager Scooter Braun called in, he even said he liked the new Tom better. Could it happen? [thewantedsexgods]

Siva knows what’s up

Nathan may be the youngest out of the guys, but don’t question him when it comes down to his vocal cords. That solo in ‘I Found You’ says it all. Wow. [teamjaythan]

Too close for comfort?

During the lyric, “I’m glad you came,” Nathan couldn’t help but give a little grip onto Siva’s leg. He was like  — uh no. It’s okay Nathan, I’m single. [nathanns]

The world is coming to an end

We took a few fan questions for the guys from our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter page! With all these conspiracies going around that the world is going to end on Dec. 21, things got a little dark. Jay admitted he’d take off on a vessel and leave Earth. Siva didn’t even believe him and had to ask if he was being serious. [nodoyjay]

Move those shoulders Nath 

We all know The Wanted aren’t your typical boy band where they get up on stage and belt out with their choreography. During songs, the boys do in fact let their shoulders loose, tap their toes and snap their fingers. [teamjaythan]

Sharing their deepest thoughts









Since we never know what to expect from The Wanted, we prepared inkblots and wanted to know the first thing that came to their head. Nathan also threw in his opinion saying, “It looks like a butterfly that’s been kinda drawn by a two-year-old.” Tom quickly shot him down with, “When did butterflies grow hands?” [jmcgays]

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