Weird News: Breast implants save lives, deep-fried guns, vampire on the loose and more

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Breast implants will give you perfectly perky large boobs, but they can also save your life. A Canadian woman was shot my her ex-boyfriend and thinks she’s alive today because she had implants. The bullet went straight through both her breasts, ruining her implants in the process. Convinced her implants saved her, she underwent surgery again for a new pair. Am I the only one who sees a flaw in this? If a bullet only went through your breasts, and you had implants, what would’ve happened if you didn’t have implants? I’m going to assume the bullet would’ve went right past you. Therefore, if you didn’t have fake boobs, you wouldn’t have had any injuries. You’re welcome.

Vampire on the loose

I guess some people in the world really believe those Twilight movies are real. They’re not real people!! In Serbia, some people literally believe vampires are among them. A home that a well-known vampire lives in recently collapsed, sending the town into a frenzy. They think he’s roaming the hills looking for a new home. People are so scared, they have armed their doors with crosses and garlic. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m lying. I wish I was. Watch the CNN report below.

Watch it here

Vegas mobster fail

When you go to a fast food restaurant, deep-fried guns aren’t normally a side order option. In Las Vegas, however, anything is possible. A man was reportedly trying to rob a restaurant when a gun was thrown into the deep fryer. The man left with a partner waiting in a car outside. While people were leaving the restaurant shots started firing from the deep fried gun. It is unclear exactly what actually happened, and who’s gun it was, but one thing is for sure, I won’t be ordering fries for awhile.

Whiskey cures blindness

A New Zealand man was drinking Vodka at his parents anniversary party when he found everything started getting darker. Suddenly, he was completely blind. The blindness was caused by the mix of Vodka and the medication he was using for diabetes. When he went to the hospital, they pumped his stomach full of Johnny Walker Black label. Sure enough, his sight came back after a few days. So whose new favourite drink just became whiskey?

Kids trippin on LSD

I don’t know how the parents of these two kids missed the important lesson:┬áDon’t touch things that aren’t yours, but they know now. Not only was I taught not to touch things that weren’t mine, I was definitely told to never eat anything I found or anything given to me from anyone. Okay, maybe I had a paranoid mother, but I was never drugged! The two kids from Pennsylvania, ages seven and 10, found an awesome little bottle of what they thought, was breath mint drops. Clearly, if you see mint drops, you are going to take a few because you can’t have bad breath. By the time they got to school, they were hallucinating and foaming at the mouth! It was determined to be liquid LSD they took. At least their acid flashbacks will be awesome childhood flashbacks, like playing on the swings, right?

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  1. Anon says:

    If you read your own links whiskey cures methanol poisoning (what the hell brand of vodka was he drinking?), not blindness.

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