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10 smoking photos of The Wanted from that time we (scream!) interviewed them

Posted on December 3, 2012 by

ANDPOP interviewed the gorgeous guys from The Wanted for the third time this past weekend and they nearly broke my camera with their smouldering good looks. Check out some of the photos below:

Max looks broodingly off camera. What’s he thinking about? 

Every time Jay smiles, 100 girls’ ovaries explode 

Likewise, every time Max shielded his face from the camera, 100 girls screamed defiantly 

Scooter Braun called us and said our host should change places permanently with Tom. What would you think about the swap? 

Siva told us about a strange dream he had last night — it had to do with a gun!! 

This is what you don’t see on camera

The guys performed two acoustic covers for us, “Glad You Came” and “I Found You”

After the interview, the guys went to the window and mockingly gyrated for the adoring TWfanmily

Photos by @britt_mahaney

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