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Gleeks reunite for “Thanksgiving”

Posted on November 30, 2012 by

By Kelly O’Brien

As the Glee graduates reunited at McKinley, the New Directions prepared to take down the Warblers at sectionals.

Here’s what I learned on the last episode of Glee, “Thanksgiving”

Home for the Holidays – Sectionals are finally here and some familiar faces have returned to help the New Directions win for the fourth consecutive year. Quinn, Santana, Mike, Mercedes and Puckerman 1.0 were all paired with the newbies to mentor them, and with the Warblers breathing down their necks, the glee kids needed all the help they could get.

Glee loves “Gagnam Style” – Puckerman 2.0 and Marley are officially dating, and after Ryder gives them his blessing, Jake agrees to let him have the dance lead in their gleeked out version of “Gagnam Style.” Even with his help Ryder claims he can’t master the steps, and gives Jake (a trained dancer — who knew?) the lead role. Something tells me this change of heart is less about dancing and more about  — you guessed it — Marley.

Rachel’s an Orphan on Thanksgiving – Rachel isn’t Brody’s biggest fan following his fling with Cassandra July, but after deciding not to head home for the holidays, she invites him to her and Kurt’s Thanksgiving party. The two are in the kitchen together and it’s obvious that the heat from their last kitchen conundrum hasn’t been forgotten. As much as I love a man in the kitchen, I think Brody should go back to the showers. Or any area that requires him to take off his shirt.

The Kurt and Blaine saga continuesThe best boss EVER is back, and this time Isabelle Klempt is giving more than style advice. She tells Kurt he should accept Blaine’s apology, and after some consideration, he takes her advice and finally calls his ex. They’re not back together yet, but there’s hope. Is it just me or is every interaction between these two worthy of waterworks?

Marley’s still starving – Mrs. Rose is doing great on her new diet, but Marley’s is getting extreme. The pressure of sectionals has her skipping lunch and taking laxatives, which all culminates in her fainting during the New Directions’ sectionals performance. Forget winning, all I want to know is if the glee club still has its female lead come next week.

Best Performance: “Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time.” I don’t have a clue what a Kiki is, but is it involves SJP and drag queens, count me in!

Watch it here

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