What happens if The Hobbit and The Goonies ever combined worlds

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I can barely contain my excitement for The Hobbit to come out, let alone write something about the highly anticipated film. But what if The Hobbit met with the 1985 gem The Goonies? The epicness is too much for my mind to handle, so I’ll let YouTuber Lance Ford explain.

Basically, in “The Hobbit and Goonies Movies Trailer Mashup!” Ford combines the world of Bilbo with the adventures of Mikey and the gang and before you know it, tears are streaming down your face at the realization that one man has created a match made in heaven. Now some of you are probably thinking this:


But before you diss the idea of Bilbo teaming up with The Goonies, just watch the mashup trailer and imagine the wonderful world of total adventure and discovery that would ensue. With lots of weird creatures along the way, of course.

Watch the trailer here:

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