Mind reader goes on Chatroulette, trips everyone out

Posted on November 27, 2012 by

Chatrouletters who were paired with user Nick Kolenda were totally tripped out by his mind reading skills. From the beginning of their chat, he started guessing personal details about their thoughts, including what person they were thinking of at that exact moment.

While most of the users were pretty shocked, the skeptic in me wonders if he’s a troll. He has a whole official website and YouTube channel, if that means anything — you can even book him for your personal events.

Still, if this is legit then those are some serious skills! I wonder if he can randomly read the minds of anyone he comes across or if it’s limited to certain people. He would be a pretty handy lie detector.

Watch it here

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3 Responses to “Mind reader goes on Chatroulette, trips everyone out”

  1. Isaac says:

    According to reddit user vidyagames, the explanation is as follows: he asks the person to say out loud the name they were thinking of while he’s holding the business card folded. Then he stalls briefly while someone quickly writes the name on an identical card. He then uses sleight of hand to switch cards and do the reveal. He edits the video to remove the “say it out loud” part so it looks cleverer than it is.

  2. Lindsay Martin says:

    Chat Roulette Mind Reading- PART 2 JUST LAUNCHED!!!!!


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