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Matt and Kim on ‘groadies’ and getting blackout drunk

Posted on November 27, 2012 by

One of the most endearing things about indie dance duo Matt and Kim is their wicked sense of humour and candid war stories, including getting blackout drunk or fooling around with “groadies” (groupies + roadies).

Apart from being hilarious, their fourth-studio album Lightning is addictive. They were happy to go back to their DIY roots, recording it themselves from their hometown in New York — which also meant they didn’t have to wear pants (WIN).

In their interview with ANDPOP’s @Jordans_Life, Matt and Kim also revealed how they got their start with the after-hours MTV crowd.

“When we started out we were just playing loft parties and house parties and stuff like that and we ended up hosting a show on MTV really early on before were doing any legit venue shows,” said Matt. “But it’s just probably because the people who were coming to those parties and stuff like that are also —”

” — people who work for MTV or write for magazines,” added Kim.

“So you’re in front of those people  just when they’re going out to gett blackout drunk,” Matt laughed.

Either way, we’re happy they caught the attention of those reporters early on because we’re obsessed!

Watch it here

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