Weird News : Elmo’s new day job? Missing Island, School teaches students to lie, crazy, naked people, most expensive christmas tree

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If this doesn’t turn you away from going to the zoo, I don’t know what will. A zoo in Germany has a lot of people wanting the government to impose new bestiality laws, after sexually exploiting animals. The zoo has reportedly been renting out animals for sexual purposes with humans. Obviously, this has outraged every sane person in the world. I honestly thought bestiality was a joke, cause it is the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard of. I guess since he quit his day job, Elmo could find work here? Too soon?


Gilligan’s Island?

If you were planning on visiting Sandy Island, you will be disappointed. Known as Sandy Island on google and Sable Island by others, the island simple doesn’t exist. A group of Seamen (I’ve always wanted to type that), set out to find the island, but when they got to the coordinates, it was just ocean. According to Google Maps, the island is located between Australia and New Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean. I wonder if it is some sort of crazy portal into another dimension? Or just a glitch in modern technology…


Best School Ever?

The Perse School in Cambridge, England, might be the coolest school ever. They have a rare policy I’ve never heard of practiced at any other school. If you get in trouble for a minor offense at school, you can get out of it if you re able to tell a believable white lie. The students have only 10 seconds to talk themselves out of getting punishment. The headmaster of the school thinks it is a great way for students to develop quick thinking and it will help them in real world situations. That’s something interesting to add to your resume. Education, able to develop believable lie within 10 seconds.


Crazy Naked People

Can’t blame this one on the alcohol, at least, it wasn’t reported. This man decided it was a great idea for him to climb up onto an equestrian statue, naked, and just posed in multiple positions. For about three hours he ‘chilled’ up there in the cool Fall weather in England. He eventually got off the statue once police and emergency workers coaxed him down. Needless to say, he’s probably crazy. Why doesn’t this happen in Canada or the USA? Imagine if Charlie Sheen did this? That is all.


Most Expensive Christmas Tree is also the Ugliest

This Christmas tree is eight feet tall, and made of 88 pounds of pure gold. It is a revolving tree, decorated in Disney characters. If you have that person on your Christmas list that loves Disney, the tree is for sale. The price tag, a whopping $4.2 million dollars. It’s also in Tokyo, so you might want to factor in shipping costs. Then again, if you can afford this tree, you probably don’t care about the cost of shipping. Is it just me, or is this the ugliest tree you’ve ever seen? It actually hurts my eyes to look at it directly. I’d rather have fruit cake, and I hate fruit cake.

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