Three hilarious Black Friday shopping pranks

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Black Friday shopping prank

‘ Greg and Ryan went to Target and pranked employees by asking for ridiculous items. The two jokers each wrote down a bunch of silly items and swapped lists so they wouldn’t know what they’d be asking for. Some of the items included “ham sanders” and “WiFi fish tanks.” On top of pranking the employees they were forced to come up with explanations of the items on the spot.

Dollar Store prank

 pranked the Dollar Store by setting up camp early in the morning on Black Friday, strategically positioning a news reporter and acting like there were amazing deals inside. Once inside, they swarmed the 99 cent deals. Most of the people who passed by on their way to work were utterly confused. Even a 60 cent deal at The Dollar Store is still only 60 cents saved.

Employee prank

Dressed up as workers employed at Target, these two pranksters took the biggest shopping day in America to fool poor and unsuspecting customers into buying products they don’t need. [Samantha Lui]

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