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Taylor Swift then and now: Baby photos, home videos, BFFs and more

Posted on November 26, 2012 by

By Jill Krajewski

On top of being a smash-hit superstar, Taylor Swift is the kindest cutie with a guitar out there. The Red singer is even cuter in these childhood pics and videos! Read on to see your favourite country girl growing up.

She shows fans home movies

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her parents filmed so many home videos of her and her younger brother Austin that T-Swift made an entire music video with her baby tapes for “The Best Day.”

She was an active kid

Taylor was only nine months old when she rode a horse for the first time. She also started ballet – and striking the perfect pose – when she was just 2 in 1991.

She could belt at 11

After falling in love with country music, Taylor started singing at countless auditions and talent shows to put her passion for singing out there. One of her first big breaks was performing the national anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers NBA game in 2000. Who knew a little girl could rock such big pipes?

She never gave up

With her sights set on Nashville, 11-year-old Taylor made this demo CD, convinced her mom to drive her to all the city’s record labels, and even dropped her demos off in person at each Nashville studio in 2000.  Though she only got one response, that “keep trying” mentality was all Taylor needed to start learning the guitar and working harder.

She loves her BFF

Taylor met her BFF Abigail in grade 9 when she was 15. Taylor could always count on Abigail for songwriting advice and goofing off in boring classes. The ups and downs of their first year in high school in 2004 inspired Taylor to write her hit “Fifteen,” the best gift a singer could give her best friend.

She sang about Brad Pitt

Taylor’s sweet sixteen got even sweeter after being signed to Big Machine Records in 2005. This is one of the first promo videos her label made to introduce her to the world. They take a tour of T-Swift’s home, high school and Hummer.  Oh, and did we mention she sings a cute unreleased song about Brad Pitt? Swoon!

She sweeps award shows

Now 22, the chart-topping Nashville gal won the trophy for Favourite Female Country Artist at the American Music Awards last week. It’ll go great with her six Grammys and seven Country Music Association Awards!

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  1. hayley swango says:

    taylor swift is so pretty but i think she needs to get over all the boys and start living her life without boys

    • erin wilk says:

      i hate taylor swift she is really stuped for doing that to harry i mean what did he do to her she is to upsest with boys

  2. jenna says:

    taylor needs to stop dating boys she has dated too many boys she needs to move on with her life

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