Guy wins money on live TV after winning a car

Posted on November 26, 2012 by

Life was pretty rough for 37-year-old Bill Morgan. The truck driver got into an accident and suffered from a heart condition. The treatment caused an allergic reaction and his heart stopped beating for 14 minutes. Morgan slipped into a coma for 12 days and his family was advised to turn off his life support.

When he came to, he realized he still had so much to life for. “When I was lying in hospital and thought ‘gee I might not survive this, I’m only 37 and at 37 there’s so much to look forward to.'”

And there really was. For someone who lived in a caravan a year before, he got engaged, was hired at a new job and won a car on a scratch ticket.

A local news channel had him  reenact buying his lucky scratch ticket and dude won $250,000!! It proves that even when life is rough you never know what lies around the corner.

Watch it here

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