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31 things we learned about Justin Bieber on Oprah last night

Posted on November 26, 2012 by

Last night was pretty huge for Justin Bieber. Along with converting a bunch of rowdy Grey Cup fans into Beliebers, his big interview aired on Oprah’s Next Chapter. 

Justin and Oprah went on a romantic, fireside date for two, snacking on french fries at Chicago’s Ralph Lauren Restaurant. Smitten fans waited outside the restaurant and he gave them a private performance after the interview.

We learned a lot during last night’s interview. How many things did you already know?

31 things we learned about Justin 

1. Justin is the most googled person on the planet.

2. He’s also the most watched person on YouTube with 3 billion views. Bieber’s “Baby” was the most watched video of all time until Psy’s “‘Gangnam Style” knocked him down a notch… but it’s all in the Scooter Braun family anyway.

3. Justin’s favourite dinner is T.G.I. Friday’s because the steak is ridiculous.

4. Bieber has the maturity stamp of approval… from Oprah at least.

5. He had never been on a plane or outside of Canada before he got the call from Usher and Scooter.

6. Bieber knows he has nice hair. He told Oprah he got tired of the iconic “swoop” after all the other guys copied him.

7. Bieber gets lonely just like everyone else. When Oprah asked “why” he just said “because I’m human.” Oprah tweeted:

8. Oprah’s favourite part of the Believe tour was “One Less Lonely Girl.” The host was supposed to be the One Less Lonely Girl but gave her spot up to a deserving fan. She held the squealing girl’s hand as she went onstage to be serenaded.

9. Justin admitted he gets swept up by the limelight sometimes but knows he can’t get sucked in too much or else he could “crack-up” like some other teen heartthrobs. 

10. Bieber’s feelings toward his mom Pattie Malette reflects how most people his age feel about their parents. He said: “She’s so kind hearted but she’s a mom so she gets annoying sometimes.” Love!

11. When he was a teenager he wanted space from his mom but he’s going back to that place where he wants her in his life more: “Our relationship is only getting stronger.”

12. He’s proud of his mom for writing her book and he thinks it will help a lot of people

13. He calls his younger brother and sister “The Littles.”

14. His four-year-old sister Jazzy often gets requests from her school friends to bring them Justin’s autograph.

15. Justin bought a house when he was 18. “It’s the Canadian dream.” … And the American dream, the Italian dream, the everything dream.

16. His favourite place in the world is Japan because of the culture. He can also be a little more anonymous there.

17. When he started dating Selena Gomez his first thought was “What are my fans going to think?” [Note: The interview was filmed about a month ago so they didn’t go into their current status.] 

18. Although some of his fans were unhappy with the relationship (even sending Selena death threats) he let it go. He said: “People are mean and are going to say mean things but at the end of the day I have to be happy. I can’t be single my whole life.”

19. There’s only so much Bieber to go around but: “if I could be with all the fans I would,” he said.

20. Justin is all about genuine people and Selena is one of the most genuine he has met.

21. Most romantic date: Selena and Justin had dinner and watched Titanic at the Staples Centre privately.

22. He doesn’t like her to separate from her because he doesn’t want her to think he’s ashamed.

23. Bieber wants to be married by the time he’s 25. Oprah said she though it was too young. “We’ll see when I get there,” he said.

24. He wants “a handful of kids.”

25. His dream is to win Grammy.

26. Favourite CDs: Boyz II Men or Thriller.

27. Must have items on tour: Laptop and iPhone.

28. Favourite cereal: Crunch Berries or Frosted Mini Wheats.

29. Favourite Shows: Smallville and Friends.

30. Celebrity crush other than Selena: Beyonce.

31. Oprah took Justin shopping for baby things and he bought Jazzy a new dress.

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