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Rejection challenge gets a surprising turn

Posted on November 24, 2012 by

YouTuber DukieAjah is challenging himself to see how many times he can get rejected for making the most ridiculous requests.

From asking to borrow a $100 from a stranger to demanding a “burger refill”, this man has been pretty successful in his quest until the third day of his challenge.

Going into a Krispy Kreme  to request a set of donuts in the shape of the Olympic rings, he was only expecting a big fat “NO.”   But to his surprise, the lovely shop manager named Jackie happily obliged and fulfilled his request. And best of all?  The doughnuts were on the house!

Someone needs to give this woman a MAJOR promotion. As an employee working in an often unfriendly environment of customer service, Jackie SERIOUSLY went out of her way to make someone’s day.

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