Justin Bieber gets a Diamond Jubilee Medal

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It’s official. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a Belieber.

In Ottawa on Friday, Justin Bieber was presented with a Diamond Jubilee medal.  The award is given to people who have made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or an achievement abroad that brings credit to Canada.

Since the encounter, Harper tweeted, “Was happy to present @justinbieber with a Diamond Jubilee Medal today” and posted a picture of himself with the Biebs, who is seen wearing coveralls and a backwards hat while shaking the Prime Minister’s hand.

I’m so proud of you Justin…but what’s with the attire?

You must SERIOUSLY be tight with the Prime Minister to keep it so casual.

But in other Bieber news… Prepare to fawn yourselves ladies.

The Biebs has also been working out to “get sexy for the ladies.”

Tweeting “Back in the gym,” along with a shot of his torso to display his work in progress, the 18-year-old showed off his six pack and tattoos.

Adding a later tweet that said, “Good workout. #focused”,  it’s safe to say that Bieber has caught our attention!!!

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  1. Guest says:

    There’s nothing in this article about Bieber’s significant contributions and achievements or Harper’s motives.

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