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Trends: Burgundy and Saying No to Black Friday

Posted on November 23, 2012 by

TREND: Burgundy

Inspiration: Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johannson

Burgundy, maroon, oxblood or whatever you think this darker shade of red is called, it’s pretty much the colour of the season. I’ve seen a lot of people (men included) wear this hue because it’s just one of those unfussy colours. It works well as pants, bags, shoes, nails, hat, the list goes on and on. For the more adventurous, I’d suggest trying a burgundy lip à la Scarlett Johannson and Jessica Biel. Looks sophisticated, no?

TREND: snubbing Black Friday

Inspiration: Nordstrom

Okay, it’s not so much of a trend but more so something I’m completely befuddled by. I know there are a lot of Canadian retailers/locations trying to getting in on the sale frenzy to compete with their American counterparts.I’ve seen the Black Friday videos online and they’re downright scary, and I just don’t get why anyone would want to go through Boxing Day before Boxing Day.  The yelling, pushing, shoving and long lines are not exactly enticing me to get out of my warm bed and score some great deals. Anyways, kudos to Nordstrom staying closed on Thursday and opening on Friday, just like any other day, and boo to Wal-Mart for making their employees work on Thanksgiving night.

WTF: Sex doll jackets

Made up of mashing bits of inflatable sex dolls and clothes from big brands, Dutch artist Sander Reijgers told Vice that he wanted to find a way to separate the toy from its original use. That way, by putting it on a jacket, the doll would come in contact with everyday life.

It’s a good thing Reijers totally understands how the dolls are made up of stupid female clichés and expectations, and how incredibly creepy the jacket is. I would hate to have to stand in line behind whomever decided to wear this jacket. I either a) would feel compel to stare at the back of his head because well, there’s a face there, or b) look completely awkward as I try to avoid her creepy gaze.

Basically, what would you do in this scenario? Leave your answer below in the comments!

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