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Gleeks find their inner superheroes in “Dynamic Duets”

Posted on November 23, 2012 by

Superheroes walk the halls of McKinley this week as Finn works to bring the glee club together before sectionals in “Dynamic Duets.”

Super-Glee — The New Directions have discovered another place to let their powers shine and take McKinley’s Superhero Club by storm. Finn finds his groove as Treble Clef, the ultimate director with the power to unite gleeks everywhere. And let’s not forget about the wonder that is of full-body spandex — I’m looking at you, Ryder.

McKinley by Day, Dalton by Night — Blaine is still punishing himself for cheating on Kurt, and after heading back to Dalton Academy to retrieve a stolen Nationals trophy, he finds himself drawn to the dark side by the deceivingly sweet sound of the Warblers. Sam is able to talk some sense into him, but I understand where Blaine is coming from.  Who can resist a group of hotties harmonizing to Kelly Clarkson?

Marley is a Wallflower — Marley’s having some self esteem issues, but after teaming up with Kitty for a duet, she’s able to shed her wallflower image and strut her stuff in front of the glee club (in a head-to-toe bodysuit, no less). While their voices make a killer combo, I’m not sure Kitty is the best influence on Marley. She needs to use that newfound confidence to ditch the bitch!

The other side of Ryder — After revealing to Jake he has problems reading, Ryder gets tested and learns that the cause of his poor performance in school is dyslexia. I’m glad Ryder is going to get the help he needs, but it’s going to mean less time with Marley, and I don’t know if I can bear to watch ANOTHER glee couple bite the dust.

Jake vs. Ryder Part 2Last week they were battling it out for the role of Danny and this week they’re just battling. Their superhero duet may have been a bust, but after discovering each other’s kryptonite, the two decide that they can put aside their differences for the sake of the glee club. The only thing the two haven’t made peace on is who gets Marley. And this week, the winner of that battle is Jake.

Best Performance: Kitty and Marley singing “I Need A Hero.” Glee has some hot guys, but this week, these two ladies deserve all the attention.

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