Gay women will marry your boyfriends

Posted on November 23, 2012 by

Earlier this month we posted a humorous and thoughtful video by CollegeHumor in which gay men threaten to marry the girlfriends of men who don’t support gay marriage. Now gay women are taking their turn.

In a new video by , gay women have a message for naysayers: “As gay women ourselves we would just like to say to all those opposed to same sex marriage — whatever — keep marriage between a man and a woman and as a response, we will marry your boyfriends.”

Think about it. They’d be the best wives ever! They love sports, women and video games. While you’re dragging them to the mall to shop for yet another cardigan, they’re playing HALO with him and his cute buddies. While the whole video is all in good fun they make a great point. In the recent U.S. election three states legalized gay marriage bringing the total to nine — let’s bring that number up!

Watch it here


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