Wiz Khalifa is a humble dude in his song “The Bluff”

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We all know by now that Wiz Khalifa is pretty much a superhero. Even with a baby on the way (like seriously on the way) with his fiance Amber Rose, he still has time to make music. His new album, O.N.I.F.C., is set to come out on Dec. 4 — but in the meantime, Wiz has released the track titled “The Bluff.” In the song featuring Cam’ron, Wiz talks about his fast, jet-setting life. “I got so much,” he says repeatedly. This might seem a bit arrogant, but Wiz says it in such a sweet and humble way that I can tell he’s being pretty thankful for all that he has.

In true Wiz style, the song wouldn’t be complete without the queuing of a blunt being smoked. But maybe that’s all just a part of the message of the song. The mellow vibe of the track definitely goes with the theme of taking a second to chill and appreciate life. And maybe smoking a little marijuana.

Listen to “The Buff” here:


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