Robert Pattinson is bothered by Thanksgiving in latest Jimmy Fallon skit

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Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to poking fun at Twilight star Robert Pattinson. He created an entire mini-series of rants in which he pretends to be RPattz complaining about the most mind numbing things. The best part? He puts on a pretty convincing British accent with a head of greasy hair, to boot. In Jimmy Fallon’s latest installment of Robert Is Bothered, “Robert Pattinson” hangs from a tree ranting about his hatred for Thanksgiving. Not only is Robert confused by the random date of the holiday, but he also disagrees with the selection of food usually eaten during the festivities. I thought he was a vampire… vampires shouldn’t be this passionate about human food. Am I right?

In all seriousness, Jimmy Fallon does a pretty impressive job of impersonating the angsty Twilight star. I wonder if the real RPattz feels this passionately about turkey day.


(Yes you do, Robert).

Watch the video here:

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