How to get kicked out of a mall

Posted on November 22, 2012 by

Usually when people go to the mall it’s to do last minute gift shopping or to check out cute boys. Not that I’ve ever done either of the two. Although these activities are a bit on the safe side, apparently there are some mall rebels out there in the world. Take the guy in “West Edmonton Mall Base Jumping,” uploaded by Doug Stu, who jumps from a higher floor and into a pool of rather murky looking water. “Dude, this is f*cked,” his friend says from behind the video camera. Um, no duh! Not only could he have been seriously injured from doing this, but he could have been kicked out of the mall. Maybe even for life. That’s like a lifetime of no shopping and gawking at cute boys.

Apparently, base jumping is a phenominon in which people jump from a fixed object and then parachute their ways to safety. This dude was completely without a parachute, so I have no idea where the “base” aspect comes in. At least he made it into an entertaining video full of giggles.

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